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Get Your Car Road Trip Ready at Walker Toyota

Planning an exciting road trip in your Toyota Tacoma or RAV4 SUV? Our expert Toyota service team is committed to ensuring that you and your vehicle are prepared for the journey ahead. We're delighted to provide you with essential road trip advice as you plan your adventure!

Make a pit stop at our Toyota dealership in Alexandria for exceptional auto maintenance and repair services. Our certified technicians will be happy to perform a pre-trip car inspection to certify that your vehicle is fit for long-distance travel, share invaluable road trip tips and more.

How Do I Get My Car Road-Trip Ready?

The first step toward an epic Louisiana adventure is to ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Our certified Toyota service technicians are on standby to conduct a thorough vehicle examination using our detailed road trip checklist, covering important maintenance such as:

  • Oil change
  • Review and refill of fluid levels (coolant, brake fluid, etc.)
  • Battery examination
  • Brake system check
  • Tire wear analysis & pressure adjustment
  • Inspection of belts & hoses
  • Assessment of lights & electrical systems

For a hassle-free journey on Alexandria highways and beyond, we advise that you schedule car maintenance at our local Toyota dealership before you leave to avoid potential hiccups.

What Emergency Items Should I Carry in My Car?

In the event of an unexpected situation during your road trip, it's crucial to have an emergency kit prepared in your car. At our nearby Toyota dealership, we recommend including the following essentials:

  • Jumper cables or a portable jump starter
  • Spare tire kit that includes a jack and lug wrench
  • Flashlight
  • Multipurpose tool or pocketknife
  • High-visibility safety vest
  • Emergency first-aid kit
  • Car phone chargers

Preparation is key when embarking on a road trip, and having these road trip supplies readily available can help ensure you're ready to handle any situation that arises while on the open road.

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